Aii PSR-11-39-JD

Aii PSR-11-39-JD
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Sensor from Analytical Industries for use in e.g.

Hollis Explorer
Dive Rite VTI
Dive Rite VTI-580
DiveTek OzAnalyzer One
El Chepo I & II
MSA Mini Ox 1 406931
Spectrum O2 Analyzer
Teledyne AD300/MD300
Vandagraph VN202
IT Gambert D-01 Sensor
Maxtec MAX-13 Sensor
Maxtec MAX-13-250 Sensor
MSA 406931 Sensor
Teledyne R-17D Sensor
Vascular Technology 100580 Sensor
Vandagraph R-17VAN Sensor


Measuring Range  0-100%
Accuracy +2% of Full Scale
Signal Output  9-14 mV
Linearity  +2% of Full Scale
Response T90  6 sec
Temp Coefficient  compensated
Operating Temp  0 to 45oC
Recommended Storage 0 to 25oC
Qualified at  1.8 ATA
Shelf Life 6 months
Humidity  Non-condensing 0-99% RH
Expected Life  42 months
Warranty 12 months
Electrical Conn  3.5 Phono Jack


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